Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gonna restock Keith's BM tonight (part II)

This is to briefly post what happened this morning

The stocks were filled into 2 ice containers because we have 43 bags of 6oz to transport. We were only able to start our trip at about half past midnight because we couldn't close earlier as there were still customers coming in. (Pstt! Don't tell the cops that we ate while driving because we didn't have our dinner yet.)
Reached Ipoh at about 2.45 am. While we were busy moving grandma's stuff from my sis's car into mine and Keith's stuff into my sis's. Elaine got busy with Keith :P Those who went to Ipoh with my sis is Nicole, her father, maid, grandma and of course our Keith.

Nicole was her usual style with the cool type attitude (she is always like that when she is about to go to sleep) and kept clinging on to her father.
Upon my observation, Keith definitely have grown. He is putting both his hands into his mouth (not sure whether should we continue on swaddle him) and Elaine kept scolding him, "Notty boy, mummy beat beat! Dun put in your mouth, notty boy!" (I wonder if he understands her :P)
He is also seems to be gooing more and is even responding to out small talks with him and sometimes with a smile too. He seems to be able to hold his head much more steady now. (Felt that when I carried him)

Though we were rather sad to have to start our return journey, we have to because Elaine and I still have to work the next day. At about 3..30am we left Ipoh and reached home at about 6am because I have to stop a couple of times to refresh my sleepy mind :P

So sorry due to time constrain and poor lighting we were not able to take any pictures.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't believe you guys did that. Very wai dai parents!

Vivianz said...

Wahh, sounds so complicated. So, you are putting keith to Irene is it? Why? Sorry if i missed something....

Anyway, it's normal for baby to eat their fists, my girl still do that sometimes but not as often liao. :)

Tutiger said...

vien: well have to do it for our boy ma

vivianz: we left him at my sis, Irene's lace because my mum whom is babysitting him needed to go to Penang for her check up