Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Low Level on Breast Milk Stock

Well my sis will be coming this weekend to take Grandma, Nicole, Keith and the maid back to Penang. As mentioned before, Grandma will be going for her check up.

Initially I was told that her return would only be for a week but now the surprise was that it will be for 2 weeks as she will be there to take her blood sample on 9th May and returning to see the doctor on the 16th. So with this late info Elaine was caught off guard because all the while she was only thinking of stocking up for 1 week...... till now we have a 5 days stock (8 packets of 3oz per day is the best we can manage to allocate for Keith) and we are able to keep 4 packets of 3 oz daily and giving the rest to Keith for his daily feed. He is already on 2-3 feeds of Enfa on supplement. If everything goes as planned then we will be having a 7 days stock by the time my sis leaves on Sunday noon.

This is the stock right now. Thanks to jazzmint whom was so kind and have given to us some of her plastic bags to keep the EBM in.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Now we are rather lost on what to do because Keith is a little reluctant to take powder milk now. Even if he is willing to take it down but it will take us quite awhile cooing him because he will be whining and keep pushing it out :(

The is a possibility that I might have to travel to Penang on 15th to restock. And my sis did suggest her friend to take it back to Penang for us and I hope she can give me the answer by tomorrow, which she promised me, so that I can make some arrangements.

Also do want to leave a note for those on the lookout for dry ice (frozen/solid carbon dioxide)

I will be getting it from
Koh Hew Ice Cream
No 125, Jalan SS9A/1
SS9A (Sungai Way),
47300 PJ
Tel: 03-78746020

I would strongly suggest them because they open on Sundays too and their price is RM5/kg, that is the same as MOX selling to small quantity consumers like me :P

Another thank you to jazzmint for reminding me to insulate the frozen EBM with newspaper :D She have been a very good teacher, guiding us on the matter. She have vast experience as she had BF her 2 kids and quite a number of friends (online/offline) whom BF too

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