Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going to Ipoh again tonight

Well we've all decided to drive down to Ipoh again but this time we're not doing a restock but driving the gang home instead.

The reason why we made this decision so suddenly is because

  • My sis's MPV is not in a real good condition
  • I will not be able to do it on this weekend
  • Last and not least I was able to buy "chow toufu" today. Did I tell you that grandma bought 80 cubes when she returned to Penang and now we are buying another 80 cubes so that my sis can distribute it when she returns :P
I will update more of this trip on my later post. Sorry for the short post but recently my life really sucks and I might be making a very BIG decision soon :(


Duckie said...

well, for whatever problem u are facing now, hope that you hang in there and hope everything turns out well eventually

Vien said...

drive safely!

Tutiger said...

Thanks a lot guys for your kind concern :)