Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going to Ipoh again tonight (part II)

Seems like there is many (part II)s recently in my blog, huh?

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Well this is how would 72cubes of "chou dau fu" looks like the tofu, which I transported to Ipoh for my sis on Thursday night. Phew! my bonnet smells like ...... $#1T

Anyway my BIL bought it for me and, as soon as he brought it to the kitchen, one of our staff shouted

The staff: "WHAT IS THAT SMELL!!!!! SMELLS LIKE $#1T!!!!!"
Luckily that time was the slow period in the restaurant.
My SIL: "It's only Chou Dau Fu la"
The staff: "How come you people put something that smells as awful as that into your b1@rdy mouth one?"
Hahahaha....... he was very shock at the number of tofu we bought in total - 100 cubes :)

Reached Ipoh at about 1am and we moved stuffs from my sis's MPV, a Chevy Nabira to my small City, luckily mine have the ultra seat so we manage to squeeze in more stuffs on the passenger side as the bonnet was totally full. We reached home at about 3.30am with Keith and Nicole slept all the way. As soon as we arrive Keith was already crying for his milk. But when Elaine fed him his bottle he wouldn't want to take it. Now Elaine is scared that Keith is no longer attached to her, guess he is more attached to grandma.

I also notice that Nicole is a little more quiet (but she still shouts once in a while!) But I do realise that she is also responding more to my resquests too.

This is how our boy looked like the next day.
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We have decided to shave his head this coming Tuesday!!!!!

Also during this preiod of time, I am truly thankful for all the support I got from Elaine, my mum, my sis, Melinda and my uncle(舅父) and his wife(舅母) and also those whom have help me indirectly. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me, in this time of such desperation.


jazzmint said...

wah liaooooo that's heck a lot of ctfoo

Duckie said...

wah, keith look so big liao. btw, will you be shaving your head too?? :D

Tutiger said...

jazzmint: What to do, go tso many ctfoo fansi wor

duckie: Yup, we're gonna do just that come our day off :)