Sunday, May 6, 2007

Keith Going to Penang for the first time

This is the first time our 2 month old Keith is leaving KL separated from his parents and going to Penang for the first time to accompany grandma, whom is babysitting him, for her medical check-up.
They left about 2pm and arrived there at about 6.

I just received a call from grandma at 9pm informing me that Keith was crying and wouldn't want to take his milk. If this continues on we would probably be bringing him back to KL :(
Grandma told Elaine that his crying is much more worse than his previous recorded one and he is recognising the place of stay (probably he didn't like to stay at my sis's place) It really breaks Elaine and my heart to hear from Grandma of his cryings.

Elaine is suggesting her mum to care for Keith (Ouch! this is gonna hurt a lot.......) not that she is not good it is the handling that I am scared of...... she is really ROUGH with babies. Elaine told me before that her mum is not able to be extra careful with Keith because she is used to Yong Jin whom is born a BIG baby wor!

So either grandma would have to go to HUMKL or I would be seeking for a babysitter.

By midnight he was only taking 2 oz after a 4-hour interval. This is horrifying as Keith have been a rather easy to care for baby and never gave problem like this before.

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