Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bad Luck Day

On Friday Elaine's Avent Isis Pump gave her some problem when she was expressing. The white valve gave way after a few pumps, instead of the usual upside down valve it popped in the the chamber instead causing Elaine having to dismantle the whole thing and fix it back. If it happened once or twice it is still ok but it became a nightmare when the thing happens every 2-3 pumps :(

Upon reaching home I tried to search for the root of the problem by googling but then on MSN Messenger, I saw Michelle was online so I decided to consult her instead. After a few questions and answering we concluded that the white valve (the "g" part - refer to illustration below) it the culprit and she gave me some numbers to call tomorrow. My next headache is the next day is Saturday!
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I called the numbers I was given in the BF forum and the KL distributor, Kinderdijk number (03-62032336/7/9) but no one was picking up the phone so I called the salesperson, Chui Fong (019-4481669) and she told me to call her office (04-2834339), she also informed me that her office will close at 2pm. A lady, Miss Chin picked up the line, after I told her what I was looking for she told me that they are out of the white valve spare parts but she can take one out of the package for me since it is urgent. And the price is RM9.90, quite reasonable if you consider some brands might have to buy a whole new one :P I told her I will get back to her as soon as I can get someone to pick it up.

Immediately I called my sis but she told me that she was already halfway coming down to KL. In the end I decided to buy a whole new set from Parkson for RM219.90 because I didn't want Elaine to face further frustration of the popping valve. As soon as I took out the package Elaine took the spare part packet to show her sister and was told that perhaps that is a new packing and older ones don't have :rolleyes:

My next bad luck is that this morning she came back with the spare parts packet and said she found it in the store room wor :P Now I am pondering should I return the set I had bought, I have only took out the white valve from the new set

Later I called the Ice Cream Shop, that I have mentioned in my earlier post, to inquire of their opening time but the person on the other line told me that they will not be open until Monday because they are having a 'pak si' (white things - funeral) Ouch! now how am I suppose to pack without having the EBM thawing...... I am now hoping that ice and a Coleman is good enough.


Sweetpea said...

sorry to hear about all these. first time dropping by and already witnessing some rants :P am not sure about m'sia but hope at least you can get a credit note to buy something else. at least they won't lose out on your sale. if they refuse, how about saying just a credit note of RM200 instead of the full price. i do hope you meet a compassionate manager.

Tutiger said...

sweetpea: Thanks for the advise. Well Parkson do allow me to return the product within a week for an exchange of product and not a refund. Still it is better than nothing :) Of course it is unlike US where major stores allow a 30 day money back :P If I recall correctly K-Mart allow a 90 day money back (no wonder they are under Chapter 12)

Vien said...

I believe you cannot return breast pumps. It has to with hygiene reasons..just like swimwear..can't return it.

michelle said...

Glad to help. I hope now on your wife will not have any more problems expressing her milk. Told you it was a crack somewhere.

michelle said...

Oooh...forgot to say, if you cannot return it. You can sell it off, second hand. You can use my forum to do it. ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Oh dear, if I have known earlier. I have an Avent pump which I only used once. Could have passed to your wife so no need to buy another one. Avent stuff are so expensive. Do let me know if you need spare parts next time (well, I also hope not because it would mean more headache for you :D)

Tutiger said...

Thanks a lot to all. Well I returned the unit with a clean white valve I took out of the spare part bag my SIL passed to me. Well, for now I think I will adhere to what Michelle advised on how often I should sterilize the rubber parts.

michelle : I thought I was supposed to look at the plastic parts for crack. hahahahaaa!

mummy to chumsy : I'll keep you in mind if I need them :D