Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Photographer (part II)

Here comes the second part regarding grandma as a photographer for her grandchildren. Seems like grandma is able to seize the moment to capture Keith's smiles.

By the way Keith is doing alright now and in fact he is baby talking to grandma too :P

Elaine and I have decided that we will scout around for a good deal on a Motorola v3x for grandma. (Elaine's sister and BIL is using it and honestly other than their buggy/funny menu system..... it is a great phone. It is sporting a built in graphic card and have a super makro function as well as a 2.0 MP camera with the option of adding t-flash card for added memory and best of all it is equipped with a crystal clear frontal cam for a great video conferencing} best part of all is the price for the AP set is RM680 and the NK 7260 can trade in for RM150.
Do I sound like I am advertising the phone? If I am, well, I am sorry to mislead you all into believing me. Honestly other than the good points, it does comes with an exceptionally horrible navigation setup as well as a Bluetooth that kept bugging you to grant access eventhough the other device is paired!!!! Hahahaaa..... this problem also occur with the original PC software that came with the phone. Worst of all is you cannot change the interface with a skin - something like a theme in other phones. If you do that with a third party software then you had voided the warranty.
What am I talking about here? I also dunno la...... just a little out of my mind. Too tired, gwa.

The most important part of all is....... grandma seems to be in a better mood knowing that we intend to upgrade her phone (or was it because Keith is doing better now) to something that have a better camera, play MP3, MV and the memory can be added to the max.

Anyway this is some pictures of Keith I got off grandma's phone.
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michelle@mybabybay said...

wow the price drop so much already for v3x...sigh.

Tutiger said...

AP set only la..... furthermore the replacement set V6 maxx is in the market already ma..... I heard that they are no longer producing v3x either