Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another problem.

The good new is on Tuesday morning (just past midnight, after work) Elaine's clogged milk duct was cleared and she was really relieved and she was able to sleep thru the night.

Our next problem started as soon as we got back from our lunch yesterday. Keith felt rather warm and when I used the ear thermometer, it gave me a reading of 101.2. We decided to give him some medicine for his fever and he struggled with us when we tried to do so. He cried very loud and even tried to make himself vomit the medicine out by coughing. We only went out again as soon as his temp went back to normal and he was immediately calmer as soon as we leave home.

We went to get some spare part from the Avent Service Centre at Damas Plaza (next to Hartamas Shopping Centre). We were serviced by a very nice lady. When I told her of the pump problem, she suggested that changed all the silicon parts so that our piece would function as good as new, which was really true when we tried it. We were given 3 pieces but there is one that looked different from the piece that we had and I am really glad that it is. Well, Avent have finally changed the white valve and the new piece would still fit into our old ones. Spent RM57.80 for the petal cone (RM27.90), diaphragm (RM20.00) and the valve (RM9.90).
I took the picture down to better describe it. The one on the left is the new one while on the right is the old one.
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Elaine and I spent the rest of the evening buying stuffs for our restaurant. We did make sure to monitor Keith's temp and he was rather okay through out the outing. In fact he was very excited to see so many things and he wanted to grab almost anything that he can hold on to. I do realise that he seems to be bored with his toys and always wants newer things to hold.

As soon as we reached home past 9pm, his temp went up again.(All the paed already closed at this time!!!) We gave him some paracetamol and added the cooling pad this time. But he can still be so kay poh when I took this pic of his.
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Look at him manja his mommy but I guess this time he is the sick one.
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His temperature went back to normal as soon as we put him on the swing. The reason for his fever is because he is teething again. I am able to tell because I saw the white stumps on his lower jaw when he was crying, this time it is his left lateral incisor and his right canine (cuspid) we call them "lou foo nga" but I am yet to check on his upper jaw because I don't want him to make a fuss about it.


Anonymous said...

he is willing to have the cold plaster? my kids are reluctant until hv to put it when they are in deep sleep, then they will ngek ngek ngek, then go back to sleep

slavemom said...

Hope Keith's fever has not returned today. Sick time sure extra manja one.

chanelwong said...

Glad to know Elaine is ok now...
Get Well soon Keith...

JK said...

Luckily Elaine is alright or it would be tough for her to take care of a sick baby. Hope Keith will get well soon.

jazzmint said...

oh dear...pump oso koyak.

hope keith is better now

Tutiger said...

wen : guess he didn't know what it was until we put it there. Anyway it came right off as soon as we put him in the spring cradle.
slavemom : everything went back to normal the next day but he is extra whiny though
chanelwong : thanks a lot
jo-n : she didn't take care of Keith since my mum is babysitting him :)
jazzmint : the pump didn't koyak, I got the parts so that it will have more sucking power

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

how's Keith today? hopefully fever has subsided..........