Monday, October 29, 2007

Elaine is having trouble

Yesterday something rather unexpected happened. Elaine has a clogged/plugged milk ducts and it is causing her to have a rather painful swell.. It wsa so discomforting that she has to give her O&G Dr Loo a ring yesterday and she advised her to apply warm towel to see if it would clear the clog. All I can do is prepare the warm towels and the warm water with a slight of salt for her to immerse (suggested by some sites) but all this doesn't seems to have done her any good.

Elaine kept complaining of the pain and her discomfort for almost the whole night and she hardly could sleep. I really feel useless because no matter what I told her I understood, I know I am all words because the agony is really on her. She have got me got me worried and this morning we got up very early and went to TDMC to see Dr Loo. This is the first that Elaine was the first patient of the day! The doctor prescribed Elaine with some medicine and cream and informed us that if the swelling doesn't reduce by Friday, she might have to do a minor surgery. According to her, this clogged can evolve into a full-blown breast infection known as mastitis, and possibly could have starting to infect.

Eventhough the doctor didn't order Elaine to keep pumping but Elaine have been expressing whenever she can. I guess it is the mommy's instinct that by doing so she can clear the clog, which according to a site is true :)

The swelling have made it hard for Elaine to carry Keith because Keith likes to push his hands to your chest when you carry him (sort of a way for him to maneuver the person to move forward) but she still insist of taking him in her arms. This morning she was the one carrying him most of the time and the reason was because he was being very manja with his mommy and mommy was very pleased that Keith wanted mommy more than daddy today!
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This is the picture I have been meaning to take all the time because Keith is exceptionally at ease.

I wanna make myself clear here:
I am not writing this to put other mothers off BF but I instead I wanna tell you all mothers out there (and especially my wife) how great they are in giving the children the best they can offer and having to go thru such a great sacrifice. Elaine have continued to BF Keith despite that he won't latch on and Elaine have to do double work in doing EBM for him. She have to totally forgo direct BF because Keith has started teething early and now he already has 7 teeth and he likes to bite on everything he can hold on to (especially grinding and biting our fingers, imagine if Elaine tried to latch him on!)
Personally, those whom didn't BF, don't let this put you down because giving birth and caring for your children is already the greatest thing in life for any mom! All I can know is dads can't do that :P

I managed to buy for Elaine one of those warming pillows which is heated up with electricity. The thingy can be heated up within 5 mins and the heat can last until 2-10 hours. Seems like this small pillow is helping Elaine to ease the clog because this can hold the heat better and the when the heat is not hot enough, all we have to do is just to plug it in. The price for the thing is RM49.90


chanelwong said...

This is call a Big Sacrifice Elaine has to go through..Well Done Elaine...

Zooropa said...

So there comes the song "mother is greatest in this world"! (shi shang ji you ma ma hau) as 2attribute 2all mums for their sacrifices. Thanks 4dropping-by my blog!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes :) I can imagine the pain she has to go through eventhough I didn't breastfeed my child. A mother's sacrifice is just endless. Eventhough you couldn't do anything, I am sure being there for Elaine is a real comfort to her. Hope she is feeling better now. Pls tell her to hang in there :D

Tutiger said...

chanelwong : Thanks for your kind words
: indeed it is very true... just see how many mommies are blogging about their children. They have sacrificed so much time in maintaining their blogs.
mommy to chumsy : well, I think I feel that even when a mum doesn't breastfeed there is still much sacrifice that she have to face, like financially and peer pressures. I agree with you that a responsible and caring mum's sacrifice is endless

Elaine is feeling much better now, despite the swelling that is still there, it is because of all your kind words

Health Freak Mommy said...

I had a blocked milk duct too when I was breastfeeding Alycia and the milk couldnt flow out. It was swollen and so damn painful. That was one of the most painful experiences in my life and I cried.

My mom's friend recommended putting frozen cabbage onto the breast. Dont know if it really helped but after half a day, the milk came out and the pain was gone, what a big relief!

Some mothers told me taking a hot shower bath would help. When the hot water from the shower touches the breast, it will help to reduce the swell.

Tutiger said...

I so sorry to hear that. I tot the cabbage trick is when u wanna stop the milk production. Now we know more.... should have consulted u earlier

Anonymous said...

me too, i used the nen nen bottle with hot water and roll on the side of my breast.. it helps//

jazzmint said...

oh dear...hope she's better now. yah put the cold cabbage works :)

JK said...

I hope she's feeling better. I had the same problem too and was on medication, almost near the surgery stage. Phew!

Never heard of frozen cabbage. Doc told me to apply cold compact onto the breast. I guess it's the same concept.

The doc also taught me how to massage the breast. If we sit to BF, the lower part of the milk duct tends to get blocked easily cos the breast milk is flowing up (anti-gravity) and so we have to help by massaging the breast upwards.

Anyway, see the doc. quickly if the pain doesn't subside.

Take care Elaine.

slavemom said...

I know how painful it must hv been. I've gone thru that. Had to be hospitalised, but luckily din need surgery. Try to massage n pump often. Do the hot/cold compress. Must see dr immediately if the pain n swelling doesn't go away say, more than 24 hrs. Dr can do a scan to see if there's any infection. Do take note coz it can recur. Take good care, Elaine.

michelle@mybabybay said...

Cold Cabbage helps. Ask her to try it.