Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keith is 8 months old

I realise that it was the 24th late in the evening and Keith was 8 months old yesterday. In fact the older he is getting the more I felt I needed to take more pictures because I always have the feeling that I don't wanna miss out on a single moment, since Elaine and I have to put about 13-14 hours a day to work and we only have a day off weekly. Right now it is already so tough for us to juggle our family time between family members.

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None taken this month

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 3 meals of solid
So far he would take all that we have fed him with (Fish, Carrot, Potato, Tofu, Sweet Potato, Porridge and Rice Cereal) When they come to my restaurant Grandma even gave him unsalted French Fries!!!! Funny part is he would wrinkle his forehead whenever we give him something new!!! And shakes his head if he dislikes them, be it not to his taste or too hot.

Starting to wake up past midnight, knowing that is the time we reach home, he will cry and whine for us to carry him initially and then keep leaning towards the door for us to take him out for a walk or a short drive (which is not good) He would even start crying if we keep sitting or lay him down

He now has 7 teeth and would gnaw on almost everything you give him, especially human fingers!!!

Whenever we hear him "baby babble sing" means he is about to fall asleep

Still the turning around when lying on the bed or sofa. He is still unable to crawl and he is learning to sit but still need to work on balancing his weight.


  • Turning away from someone he doesn't want to carry him.
  • When I pass him to grandma, he would want her if she is sitting down.
  • If I am dressed, he wouldn't want grandma if she has not changed her house dress.
  • Once we are out of the house, he is ok with anyone, other than strangers.
  • Recently he is not as "sticky" with me and he is getting ok with his mum.
  • He used to be uncomfortable during his rides in the car but now he loved them a lot. I am still looking for those collapsible/stick on sunshades for my side windows.
  • Very impatient, especially when he think we are going "kai-kai"
  • Still loves his daily bath!
  • He loves Nicole. She makes him smile easily and he doesn't even make a fuss when she accidentally bumped him at times.


Anonymous said...

so cute leh... who does he looks like? u or elaine? if i go to ur makan makan place i know who is the father or mother lor...

jazzmint said...

happy 8th months old

Tutiger said...

wen : Well many people gives different views but I think he looks like his ma, though many people thinks otherwise :P

We are easily recognised because I'll be the fat guy making drinks while Elaine is waiting on tables

chanelwong said...

Happy 8th Months to Keith...Your parents are very proud of you.

I have yet to drop by your shop...must try to make time...

Tutiger said...

jazzmint : thanks a lot

chanelwong : thanks you. perhaps you all can leave me an e-mail when you come

Health Freak Mommy said...

Keith is such a beautiful baby. Big eyes and fair skin!

BTW, i've linked you up in both my blogs :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

happy 8 months! He looks like Elaine la...

Here comes your tag:

JK said...

He's so adorable. If my lil girl sees him, she will be delighted cos she really likes cute babies.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

happy 8mths keith!

Peter - i got spare sun shades. What's your address? I send to you.