Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yong Jin's 2nd Birthday

Since Uncle Jason was not in Malaysia on the second, Aunty May decided to delay the birthday dinner for a week. We went to the place in Cheras named Unique Fisherman (I think) Honestly the food wasn't up to the standard that I have expected and since I am not doing a food review, I'll totally skip on the food matter.

When we (Elaine, Keith and I) arrived we were already the last to reach there because traffic was really jammed up. Uncle Jason and Aunty May was already halfway thru ordering food and I started snapping pictures as soon as I hand over Keith to Elaine. The 2 year old birthday boy was being a koala bear and only wanted to hug his two favourite tree people, his po-po (maternal grandma) and jiu-jiu (his maternal uncle, Jason). The place that he will keep asking you to go to is the aquariums or pool
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As for Keith, look at what was he doing when he found Nicole's teddy lying on the back of the car while Elaine was talking on the phone. As we sat down on the table, he got himself very busy by trying to snatch whatever he can off the table or would be whining and wriggling around to make Elaine or I to stand up and walk around. We also realise that he seems to like to scratch his ears, eventhough it is clean. For his meal we gave him some baby biscuits and tofu to keep him contained. After that I had to put him in the stroller and push him to the furniture shops nearby. He started whining again as soon as we re-enter the restaurant
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Chinneeq said...

Dont worry. once Keith grows up and learn to enjoy food, he will sit still at the table to enjoy his food :)

Tutiger said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed on that :P

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

bryan's still like that...very restless at the dinner table unless we give him loads of food, which he promptly just stuffs them into the mouth....and gag!!