Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keith The Hand Eater

I realised that Keith is beginning to like to put both his hands into his mouth at increased frequency, thus we have to end up binding him up again. Today we will be taking him for his hair cut, his 3rd month jabs, to take his MyKid

Grandma kept insisting that she give him those Pearl Powder before we take him for his jabs. Well, got to respect them although I don't like the idea but she is Keith's babysitter so we might as well go along with her.

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And I might as well leak a bit of info regarding my headache here too. I'll be leaving the restaurant, meaning I will no longer be a partner/worker of the restaurant after the end of this month. I'll pass out more details as I deem fit because right now I have many things to arrange for. I have already decided what I am gonna do but will reveal it as it is confirmed first. As for the reason why I am leaving the restaurant, I'd like to keep it to myself first.


jazzmint said...

wahh.....u really leaving, I thought what I guessed was a fluke or something. gosh....what are ur new plans?

Duckie said...

interestingly i am going through a career change too, but not as drastic as yours. will probably blog about it when the time comes.

Sasha Tan said...

Hi! the pearl powder eh, can feed . But no frequent esp for baby boys. But cos the jab will normally caused the baby to have fever, but not all will have fever. So the pearl powder is to "cool" down the body and to fight against the fever. That's what the older ppl said.

Tutiger said...

jazzmint: Well, I better seal my lips for now because I don't want ppl to think I am seeking for attention. Bcoz I know "they" are keeping a look at my blog too.

duckie: Nah, I don't think I would be doing a post on that bcoz it is just not a right thing to do......

sasha: Yup, that was what grandma told me too...... since she did raise me herslef so I got no say lor :P