Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby Hip Hop (Training)

Many of you would have seen those kids doing hip hop on the street, right? But how many of you have seen parent helping out their kids training for hip hop stunts? I've got one that I hope to share with you all but not really hip hop, I was only pulling your legs :P

Honestly, I really wonder why kids can be so easily be fascinated by spinning round and round repeatedly. In fact not only Yong Jin, the kiddo in the video, but Nicole as well. Before this video was taken he have already spun for about 15 minutes and he have already tired and was slowering doen when I took the video.

Listen how the parents made the melody for his moves and see how his mother and grandma helped him to take off his shoes for his split stunt.

According to his mother, Yong Jin complained that his bum hurts, I guess he landed too hard on his bum when he was trying to do the split

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