Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday Keith was exactly 5 months old and we tried to feed him some babyfood - Heinz sweet potato (which states that it is suitable for 4 months onwards and we have also bought another from Gerber, just in case) Elaine and I was rather skeptical whether will he be able to accept his first solid.

Nicole (my niece) and Yong Jin (Elaine's nephew) had initially rejected babyfood when it was introduced to them and when Elaine was a baby, she has refused to take them too but as for me :) (according to grandma) I was a babyfood and cheese fan.

We sat him down on the babychair and scooped out 1/4 of the Heinz into the baby bowl and refrigerated the remaining. When he saw the spoon coming towards him, he opened them automatically. Although he was rather clumsy trying to swallow it but he sucessfully took in more of it than drooling/spitting it out. Initially Elaine thought he was rejecting it by spitting and drooling and almost wanted to stop feeding him but I told her that this reaction is normal because this is the first time he is trying to swallow something since this is his first solid.

After a while the feeding became faster as he learns to take them in, but Elaine slowed down a bit because she doesn't want to have him choking for his anxiousness. He started to call out to Elaine, "Uh, uh, uh" which I think means to tell Elaine that he wanted her to feed him. While feeding him, his cousin Nicole kept coming over to see what's happening and was always in the way too, I guess she wanted to try some babyfood too, eventhough her mouth is full of potatoes, from the dish that Elaine have cook for our lunch, which grandma gave her, hoping that she can stay out of trouble. Then when we finished the bowl, he started to call then whining for more :P

Of course we gave him another 1/4 of the jar but this time we fed him with him lying on the sofa, which seems to be easier for him to swallow. After finishing the second portion, he still wanted more but we fed him some EBM instead. (This is to ensure that he will still take his milk) Which he protested by pushing it out and even pretended that it made him vomit (by making the vomiting sound, "Urgg, urgg!") and also pretended to cough, as if he got choked.

The main reason for us to try the solids is because Keith is already taking about 5.5-6oz of EBM although his feeding time varies but it averages at 3 hours and Elaine's supply has decreased over time. Elaine's decrease is probably because of Keith being reluctant to latch on although Elaine have forced him to direct feed, he will always develop milk rashes almost instantly. Probably he is sensitive to the milk/BM coming in contact with his skin.

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Anyway he is already considered a slow starter on solids because Nicole started to take solids when she was 4 months+, she was not taking much of milk then so grandma tried to get her to eat.


Anonymous said...

Another milestone achieved! Keith started really young. Here we usually give solids to babies when they are close to 6-mth old.

jazzmint said...

wah..good that he loves it

Duckie said...

wah! good lah. We also feed Sophie lying down because it seems easier for her to swallow. but i think have to be more careful so that not to choke.