Sunday, July 29, 2007

His pacifier as a toy

Nowadays Keith likes to play a lot and one of it is playing with his pacifier. When we put the pacifier into his mouth, he would struggle to pull the pacifier out, making a "pop" sound. Then he would again struggle hard to put it back in (seems very hard for him to reach his target - his mouth) and pull it out again and this action is repeated again and again until he get frustrated or starting to get bored.

From my observation, Keith have yet to learn of how to "let go" (reminds me of the "Eggo" pancakes advertisement :P) and he likes to grab things, he is easily soothed by giving him our hand and making sure that both his hands have a good grip on our fingers.

As for the babyfood we have bought a few more variety on flavours, only those suitable for 4 months onwards. This morning we tried to give him the "Pumpkin and Sweet Corn" but he doesn't seems to like it (Probably his father dislikes Sweet Corn as an added flavour) We have even gave him some pear juice (also from Heinz), after trying a few sip, he took a quarter jar which we fed him with his "water" bottle.


jazzmint said...

maybe the juice a bit too weird for his liking hehe...try dilute a bit with water.

Sasha Tan said...

eh eh u can try to buy the dumex nutrakids cos the cereal is extra fine.
my son also likes to pull the pacifier in and out and make the pop sound. haha

Tutiger said...

jazzmint : Now he likes the juices

sasha : I have bought the nutrakids but might wanna wait till he is 6 months old first. We don't want him to stop taking his milk