Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How we spent our off day

Yesterday morning I had to get up rather early because Elaine have hard a hard time taking care of Keith, he just wouldn't wanna sleep and he just wanna play. But as soon as my mum got up, I passed Keith to her for a while so that I can prepare myself to go to the bank to get the car registration card and going to the Puspakom for the second check. Although I got the about 10.30am but I only manage to leave the place at about 2pm because the private car line have a longer wait during their lunch hour (this check up to facilitate the transfer of ownership at JPJ, I have done the first check for financing two weeks ago) I will be handing the car over to the new owner tomorrow.

Before sending the report to the finance, I drove our Iswara to have our old CD player and speakers fixed up as well as getting a new auto-brake lock and reverse sensor. But as I got to the car I saw a flat tyre :( so I have to sweat it out.

That was the boring part, then comes the interesting but tiring part

After that I return home to take everyone out. First we went to a restaurant at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre named My Kitchen to try out their food. The place was featured in The Star and Elaine wanted to try them out because she is a Hainanese herself.

The food was so-so but what caught my attention is how Keith expresses himself that day :)
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What made grandma mad was Nicole wanting to drink the Hainanese Kopi and spilling it on herself :(

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jazzmint said...

wah..go sunway mas never call me house jus behind LOL..

mhm yah that shop so so only ler..dunno when gonna tutup LOL

haha he's just so chubby