Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keith and his teether

Every morning it has become a norm that Elaine and I would spend some time playing with Keith before we go to work. Sometimes if we overslept we would hear him crying in the living room. Normally Elaine would be sitting beside him while she is expressing and I would either be the clown to play with him, making him laugh, or the one to carry him while he watches the TV.

Recently we saw that he is learning to take the pacifier on his own but he is still unable to put it in his mouth because he always miss the target. As for the teether, we have to hold it for him while he is chewing on it. Funny thing is he keep pushing our hand towards him, and by doing so actually moved the teether deeper into his mouth (look at the picture on the bottom left) and had made him puked.(He puked right after the 4th picture) I guess it is either he is too greedy or that he is too anxious.

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michelle said...

Hey my children have the same teether.

jazzmint said...

no lah he wanna bite ur fingers LOL

Tutiger said...

michelle: It seems to be a norm. Actually I rushed out to buy that teether when he was crying and whining when he was teething. I chose this one because of the front part which we can put into his mouth.

jazzmint: In fact what u said is true too. Once in a while while he is holding our hands he would pull it to his mouth and lick, lick, lick then suddenly he will bite it.