Thursday, July 26, 2007

The rocking cradle

Every night Keith sleeps with his grandma on the rocking cradle and whenever he sleeps with us he will be sleeping on the baby cot.
During Elaine's confinement he have slept with us on the baby cot but as the end of the confinement draws nearer, we switch him to the rocking cradle since grandma's room is much smaller. Then he was rather small and to make it easier for him to fit into the rocking cradle, grandma have used a square pillow for him to sleep on. As he outgrew the small square pillow, grandma used a soft pillow -a new regular size (cheapo) adult pillow, which I got from the wheelspin at Ikano.

Last month he almost outgrew that pillow so I told grandma to try to let him adapt to sleeping without the pillow. Problem started when Keith would not want to sleep without his pillow. In the end Elaine told me to tell grandma to try switching from the Netting to Sarong (which grandma have prepared plenty of new ones) Miraculously he started sleeping soundly after snuggling the sarong cloth.

Today he is sleeping on his sides on the cradle. Sometimes after he wakes up, he would mischeviously turn upside down on the cradle but of course as he could not turn back he would call out for help.

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jazzmint said...

ppl say kids that sleep in cradle, got very nice head shape hehe

Tutiger said...

Yeah I heard those elders saying the same thing of getting a rounder head, if dun sleep the cradle sure got "Hainanese Head" one wor.
According to them Hainanese head is a little flat on the back of their head, since my wife is a "pure" Hainanese, I check and let u know la :P