Friday, July 13, 2007

The smooches and kisses

These 2 days I have not been able to find the time to do any post here because my sis is down here in KL and she needed my laptop to do some of her work. Her visit here is until this Sunday, I hope she and Nicole would be able to spend some quality time together.
Yesterday my sis took my mum & co. to our restaurant and we did some pictures snapping. And this is the selected ones that Keith was kissing his aunt May and grandma. In fact it does seem like Keith is quite angry with me because I scolded him and stopped him from screaming but lightly patting him on his butt that morning :P So the pictures below were all taken by Elaine because Keith won't look at my direction. (merajuk it seems, so small also know how to merajuk la,) Even when I carry him, he would look at places and things other than at me!!!

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

On the second pic, his aunt was trying to kiss him on his cheek and suddenly he turned his head towards her :P He even looked puzzled and seems like scratching his head too :D

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jazzmint said...

wah so young oredi give smooches all over