Saturday, July 7, 2007

Keith's Recent Outings

Well of late it is getting harder to take Keith out on our day off. I guess he sort of have established his own sleeping time pattern during our 6 working days and by taking him out on our off day had disrupted him and have caused him to be rather irritated and tempered too.
In fact one time we were all dining and suddenly he cried out non-stop. He would only quiet down as soon as we got out of the restaurant. I guess the restaurant is too noisy for him. So this father and mother have got to walk around with the stroller the concourse verandah of Starhill to quiet him down as well as feeding him, surprisingly he slept whilst cruising. A little later, after about 1-1.5 hour of sleep, he made a fuss again and this time he wanted to be carried and he only quiet down when we distract him by walking around for him to see people working thru the kitchen glass (quite kay poh -busybody of him)

After awhile (meaning after he finish kay poh-ing) he fell as sleep again on his mum's chest.
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In fact if we drive home, with him wide awake he will definitely be very fussy and even cry non-stop again. But he will automatically stop as soon as we stop the car to go inside a petrolmart kiosk. Sadly he would start all over again as soon as mummy tried to board the car. What we tried to do now is to make sure that he is sleeping before we drive him home. Probably he doesn't like the darkness and car movement at night.

And this is the latest close up on him :D
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