Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keith has recovered 90%

Right now he is almost fully recovered but still bothered with his phlegm and occasional cough to clear the phlegm. He doesn't seems to be as excited as before when he sees me, probably I am not taking him out for his occasional walk.

Whenever I carry him he would lean himself towards the door as usual but today he added verbal warnings too. When we walk towards the door he would be all excited and even smiles but as soon as you turn your around, he would whine and even wail his cry out loud :P

Since Keith is almost recovered, I took him and Nicole out for a walk in the garden and I found this abandoned children playground and let Nicole play with it and also snapped some pictures of her hugging Keith
(I might wanna raise it to the attention of the management to repair and maintain it)
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

By the way, Nicole almost launched Keith down the slider, but we were careful and watchful when snapping these pics so nothing happened. Nicole is always very excited when I allowed her to hug Keith without assistance from us.

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jazzmint said...

glad to hear that he's getting better now.

i guess nicole likes to add as a big jie jie and she's sure vvery happy doing that.