Thursday, September 20, 2007

Keith is sick for the fourth day

I am really not in the mood to snap any pictures because Keith's condition seems to have slightly worsen. We were all really troubled by his resistance in taking his medicine, we needed 3 people just to let him take his medicine. One to hold his hands, another to swing the rattle and hold the handphone (which will play the animated MV of Twinkle, twinkle little star and the third person to feed him with a spoon. He would be wailing and crying, which really breaks our heart seeing him in such pain.

Since last night he is starting to sneeze again and by this morning his running nose is back :( As his condition seems worsen, I find him whinier than before. Whenever I pick him up, he will give me the signs that he wanted to get out of the main door and go "kai-kai" but we can't do that because if we do I don't think his condition would improve.

The funny thing is whenever we are trying to give Keith his medicine, Nicole would come over and say, "Feed Nicole, Nicole take medicine..... Ah!!!" and opens her mouth wide!!! She seems to like taking medicina a lot, be it the paed's medicine or the herbal ones..... she likes them all (so unlike her mum!!!) But Keith is so like his mum, disliking medicine.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I think the toughest job is to administrate medication to a baby. I have a fair share of that experience.

What I did was, to distract my boy with stuff when I need to feed him the med. I usually use a syringe when he was younger. Then I used spoon when he's older. Try feeding during his solid time by alternating his cereal with the medicine so he has no time to sense. By the time he found out, the medicine already in his throat!

All the best!

jazzmint said...

oh dear..hmm..does he like ice cream or anything, maybe u can cover the taste with that, mix it together. they won't realise.