Monday, September 17, 2007

Keith is sick **updated**

Today Keith is down with cough, running nose and slight fever! He is sick for the first time since birth and today he is exactly a week short for being 7 months old.
It is the sick season recently because of the weather and everyone around us are all sick, even mummy fell sick too. She was down with running nose on Friday and she tried taking ample of Vitamin C but in the end she went to the doctor on Sunday, but by night she have recovered from it already. Although she have avoided Keith when she was sick but I guess Keith have got it anyway.

This morning he was rather demanding because he began demanding the person carrying him to move here and there all the time. He would not be too happy unless I carry him (the reason I didn't get the opportunity to snap some pics lo) He was being very whiny and wouldn't even want his mum carrying him :(

But we went to the studio to take some pictures of Keith
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and later his cousin, Yong Jin went too.
Look at his expression on his last take!
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The reason we took their pictures are to process their passport.

In the evening I went back home to take his birth cert to photocopy and as soon as I reach home I heard him crying. When he saw me, he kept pushing all others away and cried even louder and would only calm down when I carry him. He would keep arching himself towards the door too, hinting to me that he wanna go "kai-kai"

I stayed in for a while chatting with grandma, whom was informing me his condition and he be came more impatient and started whining again. As soon as I got out of the door he became all quiet and alert too. As soon as he board the car he became excited and very happy..... halfway thru driving we were all shocked because we heard him baby talking to himself :P
I know that most of my relatives would say that he got that from me!!

While in the restaurant he would keep whining to go out to look at his favourite thingy...... cars passing by!!!!

Took this picture when grandma was feeding him after he cried and whine la, of course
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He is really very tired but he just won't want to sleep because he is very excited to go "kai-kai"!!!


jazzmint said...

oh dear...hope he's better now.

haha that lil cousin so cute, so all getting ready for big day huh

chanelwong said...

he will get well soon..Mummy's milk protected his body well for quite some time...

Get Well Soon....