Monday, September 24, 2007

Keith is 7 months old

Well today marks the day he was born 7 months ago. Indeed he have developed his own patterns and style within this time.

He likes to

  • command people with his screams and shout, which will either subsides if no one is around or will becomes his cries if he is not carried.
  • would act as a remote when you pick him up. He would face a particular direction if he wanted you to move in that direction. He would lean forward if you do not move and would laugh when you do.
  • smiles at you, especially when you are scolding him :P
  • play with Nicole, a small and simple gesture of hers is enough to make him smile and laugh.
  • look at cars moving on the streets, he seems rather interested in cars.
  • to turn round and round on the bed.
  • to grab everything and for now he is especially interested in the camera.
  • to take pictures, rather co-operative when I am taking his pictures, unless when he is in a really bad mood!
  • to do acrobatic acts, by licking and biting on his toes.
He is beginning to
  • move (swimming like motion) when he turned around. He is yet unable to crawl la but I guess if this goes on he will very soon.
  • demand things and command things to be done his way.
  • have 4 teeth but the 2 top ones are rather out of place (He already have 2 bottom central incisor but the funny thing is his top 2 are his left central incisor and his left lateral incisor, instead of 2 central incisor!!!)
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He dislikes
  • being scolded, even when an adult, close to him, is scolding another child and not him! I guess he felt threatened.
  • being left alone in a room.
  • putting him down on the bed, unless you play with him or let him play with your fingers. (Given the opportunity he will bite on them of course)
I can't really finish this up but I guess I have pretty much said what I have observed so far.

His vital stats from his recent paed visit:
Weight: 7kg
Length: 66cm
Head: 42cm

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jazzmint said...

wow so fast 7 months huh.....the last time i met u he was only born few weeks!!!