Saturday, June 9, 2007

My possibly of winning a 37" LCD TV

I am rather excited because MBf is running a new promotion for their cardmembers, a chance to win a 37" LCD TV, if you manage to collect 3 approval codes in the same month that ends with 5 (which I have got, that is why so excited ma) and are the first 100 to call in (during the same month)

I got my first 5 when I paid my downpayment for the Iswara with my credit card and I got the 2nd and 3rd 5's today :D Meaning I have collected 3 (and of course I have called in already). At noon today after getting the second 5, I kept bugging Elaine to let me make another purchase because I got a feeling that kept urging me to try my luck again today. I only manage to find the time to go out late in the evening. The best part is upon signing the receipt I saw the approval code and immediately I was already calling the service center :P I won't know if I am the first 100 yet until they send me the letter. I couldn't believe it myself, even Elaine and family thought that I was playing a prank on them until they saw the slips.

Just wanna share with you all my excitement.
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I'm rather skeptical of my chances to be the first 100 caller but I did have the feeling that my chances of winning is rather good (just like the feeling I have to get the third 5) My logic in this is because it is only the 9th of the month today but how big are my chances, I really dunno. The best part of all is from today onwards I'll be using Elaine's card (who is having my supplementary card) to do our purchases because we are entitle to win only one gift per month and supplementary are entitle for one too :D (provided the 100 callers quota is not full yet la)

Also if I do win the TV it would be the gift I'd remember because this is the 10th year I have been holding the card, which was my first credit card..... which was then a silver card with only a RM5K limit.


Duckie said...

actually hor... i think better block out more on your cc number. can still agak agak the number from the scan. just to be safe ;)

btw, good luck!

Tutiger said...

Ummm my CC number is already covered wor. I thought nowadays the will not print out the CC number on the approcal slip, like mine is ************8985