Monday, July 23, 2007

The Black Coconut Bracelet

Most of you must be wondering what is the black bracelet doing on Keith's left hand. It is actually made of the coconut shell. As for how it got to be black in colour, I really have no idea.

Other than his occasional licking, Keith doesn't seems to be bothered by it but initially it seems to be bothering Nicole. She have even tried to remove the bracelet because she wanted to wear it for herself :P

According to grandma, coconut shell bracelet have the effect to ward off evil (I really dunno about this either) but we just adhere to it because it doesn't cost much to buy it, and it is my MIL whom have bought it for Keith. How many of you have heard of the same or similiar stories? Or am I getting the wrong story? :D

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Keith is due for his jab tomorrow and he will be 5 months old tomorrow too :)


chanelwong said...

I did see some kids wear before but never sure what was it for...

jazzmint said...

hmm i havent heard of that yet...but i always see kids wearing it hehe

Tutiger said...

Warding off evil is what I am told la but the real reason is left to be known still :P