Monday, July 16, 2007

Nicole and her new hairbands

Last week my sister bought Nicole some hair bands to tie her hair up. I took some pictures of her because I know that it won't stay on too long, just like my sister when she was small :P

While taking this picture, suddenly Elaine came over and "sam pat" also wanted to snap a picture with Nicole. And look how cheeky Nicole was with her expression!!! I think she was happy that her mum was here, despite all the scolding she got from my sister.
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True enough the band came right off after half an hour :D Sigh! Like mother, like daughter..... By the way, my sister have her hair permed that day so I guess that sort of made her buy those hair bands for Nicole.

In my opinion, their stubborness is both quite alike. my sister was really quite a handful when she was a toddler. I know this because I had my share taking care of her since I am 6 years older than her. By the way, my sister just went back to Penang on Sunday morning

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jazzmint said...

well at least she allow u all to tie her hair