Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keith is starting to show recovery for the third day

This morning Keith is showing more recovery progress (and less tired/groggy) with the medicine given by the 2nd paed. He have not have any bowel movement since last night, which is a dramatic improvement since he soiled 3 pants yesterday (even with his diapers on!) His running nose seems to have dried up and his temperature is normal. Currently he is still bothered by his occasional coughs and still is as whiny....... He kept whining for me to carry him and was not too happy whenever I passed him to Mummy or Grandma.

It really hurts Elaine and I to hear you were whining and wailing when we got out of the door :(

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chanelwong said...

Poor boy and happy that Keith is getting Daddy n Mummy will feel better...