Thursday, October 11, 2007

Non winner of the Got 5 (Sept)

I have posted earlier that we have got another chance of winning 2 LCD TVs in MBf Got 5 Again??!!!!!, winning it would be my second unit and Elaine BIL's first.
Sadly it is rather disappointing to all of us, despite getting their third 5 on the 8th which have a very high chance of winning, we didn't manage to be the first 100 to win the 37" LCD TV. (I got my LCD TV when I got my third 5 on the 9th June) I managed to find a backdoor to the result by doing a search at 12am (10 Oct) and the results were only linked up at about 8am (10 Oct)

When I told Elaine of the result, she was rather shocked and kept telling me to stop pulling her legs. I have to show her the actual webpage of the result to convince her. Even her brother (Uncle Jason), her sister (Aunty May) and her husband found it hard to accept the result.

With such big blow, Elaine's BIL would probably even cut(terminate) his card for such a bitter pill! Please understand that I wasn't trying to be greedy to get a second LCD TV. The reason behind all this hoo-hah is because Elaine kept saying that Keith is very "Wong" us so I told her that if he is really that "wong" then probably I would get a second one la :P (I don't want my boy to "wong" me, I just want my boy to "wong" himself)



Anonymous said...

u have actually won it ? i have never won anything this great before

Tutiger said...

Yup I got one and I still excited about it till today. That was my first time getting something so great.
And dun you worry about winning something.... your turn would come, perhaps something even greater :D

Anonymous said...

really unbelieveable that by 8th still cant won it!!!

Tutiger said...

Yup really unbelieavable but still have to accept the truth ma ;-(