Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby Full Moon small banquet

Well we have had a 'one table banquet' to celebrate baby's full month. Attended by his cousins too, Nicole and Yong Jin.

The food was rather "below average" (my mum kept complaining of the cooking and I drank a 1.5 litre of water upon reaching home) So I'm not gonna recommend that place to you.

Anyway yesterday was the first day baby followed us out for a full day outing. He slept rather well in the baby stroller and didn't fuss much while going out. In fact he is easier to care for during this outing than at home.

In the morning we went to see the Paed (and it was Dr Florence's shift) Babay had his 2nd Hepatitis B jab and consulted on his rashes and Nicole was given her jab (of I dunno what) She was being rather nosey by walking the whole consulting room while the doctor was taking a look at Keith. And when it is her turn for her jab, she was shouting "Takut, takut, scared, scared" when the nurse took off her pants :P Although three people held her down, she moved when the doctor jabbed her. Then she started to shout' "Pain, pain!"

In the evening we went to IKEA, this is where the nightmare started. Grandma took care of Nicole, at the place they had prepared for kids to play, as we were queuing up to buy food at the restaurant. We seated ourselves near the play place. As I was talking to mum what I bought for her, Nicole went missing at the turn of her head!!!! There were 8 adults and still Nicole can be lost.
What happened was she was playing near a girl and as the girl leaves with her mum, Nicole followed them :shakehead: We found her at the place where they sell kids stuffs. Grandma was so scared that she almost fainted! Even my MIL was shocked too. Luckily nothing bad happened. In fact Nicole was not traumatized by it at all, only the adults were (I am now thinking of using the baby-leash on Nicole)

This is my boy while we were gobbling down the food, as we were rather hungry. He have his milk right after this picture :P
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This boy is Keith's cousin, Yong Jin **My SIL (Elaine's sis) May's 17-month son**
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This is the mischievous and almost disappeared Nicole beside her grumpy grandma whom was initially reluctant to go along because she feared of Nicole's misbehaving
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