Monday, March 12, 2007

Elaine got admitted

This morning Elaine complained of severe headache and she's suspecting that she "choong foong" (kena angin) Told my mum to take care of baby to let her rest. (Deep inside I was already suspecting that she have high blood pressure but she insisted on the Chinese practise, so me no choice and let her go with her flow)

At 3pm she kept complaining of her headache..... I told her that she will need to call Dr Loo for advise rather than just complaining to me (I dunno since when I became her doctor :P) Dr Loo told her that she needs to go to the hospital to take her BP and see what turns out (Doctors means professional people, my wife sure listen one..... my advice, she sure won't take one)

Reached the clinic and the nurse took her BP and both readings was 150/100. Rather serious so the nurse (her name is Para) let her in to see Dr Tang (it is Dr Tang's Shift then) When Dr Tang took her BP it was 170/110 (Awfully high, even for those with High BP) so doctor recommended admission. Now Elaine was pondering about the insurance claim issue so she was reluctant in getting admitted and she signed the papers in not wanting to admit.(According to the doctor, Insurance do not cover admission of High BP due to delivery)

I talked to her and told her the consequences of not wanting to admit, like Epilepsy and Brain Haemorrhaging. Money is more important than anything else in this world, especially when it is a life-threathening situation. Finally she got admitted and managed to get her to see the seriousness of her situation. When the nurse came to check on her, her BP was at 130/80

A call to Dr Loo told her that her admission is required because of her BP fluctuation. I just hope that everything is alright with her. Thought of blogging this so that you may know the actual story and not part or bits of it :)

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