Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baby's Feeding

This is baby's feeding pattern yesterday

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

What is getting me worried is his feeding at midnight (circled in red). Is that too much? He kept opening his mouth and shake his head (what he does when he tried to latch) then he would kept whining. A pacifier would stop him for a few minutes but then he would start crying until he is given what he wanted........ more milk. Is that too much for him? I think he now weighs about 3.5kg (born 2.85kg)
Normally, his feeding pattern at midnight is a little alarming, he kept on wanting more.

He is on BM and would be taking Enfa whenever he needed more milk.(when re-heating BM would take a little more time and he wanted it ASAP)

As you all know that Elaine got admitted for high blood pressure. She did some EBM in the hospital but she was quite reluctant to give it to baby because she felt that their equipment is not hygienic enough.

BTW, her BM storage was depleted and baby's feeding went back to Enfa on the night she was admitted. So that is the reason of the mix of the two in the above schedule

Might need to go to the astrology sifus again tomorrow to re-calculate baby's elements :P

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