Monday, March 5, 2007 Forum

I am so overwhelmed by a local baby-related forum that I am gonna recommend it to you all to visit. it is called, in there are many active and experienced mothers and fathers (They are mainly Malaysians so the advices they provide there are more localized, brands are much easier to find and much better suiting - Malaysians ma) This is the best forum that I have been to. (I hope the owner won't mind me using the picture from the site, well, people tend to like to look at pictures that you are describing to them about)

Yesterday I had posted up my questions and I got many, many help already. Best part of all, today the help is almost like instant (I think there are many 24/7 online mum/dad nowadays) I would strongly suggest you all to give it a try if you or your relative are in need of advice/recommendation/suggestion

Here I would like to thank jazzmint for recommending to me such a wonderful site and helping me to activate my account


jazzmint said...

hehe..glad that u are part of the forum family :) and it did help solving most of ur anxieties..keep the Q coming

michelle said...

Thank You for your support. I am glad many parents have contributed one way or another.