Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nicole was being sick yesterday and today

Sorry for the late update today...... it has been a very long day for me.

Yesterday we did not open the restaurant for business due to electrical works on the building. Elaine and I went to have her BP checked. Late in the afternoon my mother informed me that Nicole was complaining of stomach pain.
Well got to decide immediately which Paed to go to, (Dr Koe, Dr Eric Lee and Dr Wong, Dr Chang is closed in the evening)
In the end my mother decided to go to Baby's Paed, Dr Eric Lee and he will be at Sri Petaling in the evening. This decision was made while I was halfway thru my dinner because I took a check on her temperature and it read as 38.6-38.9. We immediately rushed to the clinic. (I didn't get to finish my dinner 'sob, sob!')
Waited for about an hour and were the third patient for the evening (one jumped ahead of us because the lil' girl was having very high fever - I think she vomitted later while waiting for her medicine) When we were in there, my mother had a shock of her life when doctor told her to be careful because a lot of children fall sick recently and was having the same problem as Nicole and also to be careful for the signs for Rotavirus and HFM. [Ouch! I have a baby at home, now I'm in trouble] And doctor have to put those fever medicine via her rectum. The bill came up to RM110 and Dr Eric was being very kind in explaining all the medicine and his nurse also informed us that the medicines are storeable if unused/unmixed.

At midnight, Nicole did have diarrhea, just as the doctor predicted, so Nicole have to change from Enfapro to Similac (non-lactose)

This morning when I checked on Nicole, she was doing much better (still as loud and misbehaving as usual :P) Then at 1pm I received a call from Elaine that Nicole's eye got swollen. Luckily Foong Leng came over to visit my mother so got her help to send them to TDMC to see Dr Eric Lee (he is taking patients there today)
Well according to them, when they drop by my shop after visiting the doctor, the doctor is not able to tell the cause of the swollen eye (it is caused by allergy, I think)

Look how funny she looks after my mother cropped her front fringes (Grandma thought the fringes could also be part of the reason for her swollen eye)
And if you did observe carefully, this time it is the other eye that is swollen.
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Please forgive me for any spelling/grammatical error. I tried to rush this to be posted before midnight tonight. :P


jazzmint said...

aiyoo poor thing..

my kids oso sick leh :(

Tutiger said...

Aiyo, how is Faythe and Vyktore doing? Are they down with the same sickness too?
Sick season probably :(