Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Chinese Astrologer

Went to the Astrologer in Pandan Jaya, Cheras to have baby's name calculated according to his elements (Recommended by May, Elaine's sis)
Well, we were given a choice of 6 names and true to my horror *we were given a different element* But we were told things that closely resemble what the BM Ah Koh mentioned to my sis.

Attendance by Grandma, Nicole (have badly misbehaved again), Elaine, Baby and I

Elaine and I have "sort of" finalise his name as Keith *yay! we have all won on the vote for this* As for his chinese name, we are still working on it but no matter what we will be registering baby's name next Tuesday (my day off) *we still have till 7th April for the 42 days after birth and pay the fine of RM5)

Earlier today Elaine went back to the hospital for her BP check as well and Dr Loo took a look at baby and said that his rashes are rather normal and would go away soon. But she advised Elaine to go easy on the ginger as it would make things worse :P *Best thing is my mum called my god-mother (also my mother's eldest sis, meaning my aunt too) and she reminded my mum that I have the same problem too when I was born...... now they are saying that it is genetic wor, Now I wonder which half of my genes caused that, huh? :P *

P/S- Really need to work something out with my sis on Nicole's manners, she tends to go overboard when we go outings or when there is a stranger present

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jazzmint said...

wah genetics stuff...hmmm...

no lah, nicole is OK, she's just being a sure notty one lah, if sit quietly u lagi stress