Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby's Chinese Name

Well the names that the astrologer gave us is posted as below:

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I have got the pinyin(in a few dialects) from the internet to see how it sounds like and which combination to use. Guess naming a girl would be easier....... naming a boy is really a challenge......!

For now my first choice would be "Chi Hoi 志愷" but will see how should his name be written in alphabets. There is a possibility that I might re-spell it to see how it will fit his name, perhaps a 4 alphabet per word. I think the 3 alphabets looks funny with his name.

(It is somewhat official now) he can be addressed as Keith Chin, as Elaine have no objection to this name

But pronouncing it could be rather challenging as for Elaine's side, as they could easily be mispronounced as Kiss, Keep or even Give (they might just wanna stick with his Chinese name)

Elaine is really unsure of which name to choose, so we might just wanna wait for my sis to bring the Chinese naming book tomorrow (she is borrowing it from her friend)

With his full month 满月 coming up need to go out and do some preparations (like looking for the "Kuan Yin Temple" - since I do not have any ancestry/god in my house) And it also means that Elaine will be on her last day of confinement on that day too :P (And the dateline for baby's name is drawing near too)

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jazzmint said...

oh many to select from...i like zheng yue :)

haha ya, agree, not easy to choose for a boy, we had 15 downselected to 1...imagine all the fights LOL