Friday, March 9, 2007

Nothing much to update

Well baby is doing much better since mum switched from herbal bath (given by my SIL's MIL) to "Guinness Stout" bath. Yup, "Guiness Stout" is being used here to bathe baby (diluted la, of course) The thing about this is I have been rather skeptical about things like this, but it really works. His rashes seems to be going away and his skin is clearing up much better too. (According to my mum and wife, he is less heaty now. But is it the bath or the "Bo Ying Sam Bou") Baby seems to dislike taking his daily doses of the "Bo Ying Sam Bou", he would really make a big fuss when my mum is feeding this to him. But we did this before we feed him and he is easier to comfort as long as he is given his milk after that.

I realise that he has one of Elaine's trait, that is not wanting to drink plain water (while I am a water-guzzler myself). He would make a very big fuss if he is given plain water, especially after his milk. (Normally we have to give him some water before his milk) The problem is that we were trying to give him some water after his milk to clear up the milk still in his mouth.

Yesterday I also realise he is beginning to want us to carry him more often. Also another problem have occurred is that it is harder for us to burp him lately. We have also bought some "Keng Foong San" to ease him in his sleep because Elaine and I felt him suddenly jolting in his sleep. And lately Elaine have not taken any pictures of baby.

We would be going back to Loh Tat Pit to confirm the "full month" dates, because the date he gave is earlier than the actual date by more than 10 days.

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