Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chinese Medicines and Baby's Rashes

Bought quite a number of stuffs from Eu Yan Sang yesterday (they are the closest to my working place) but they don't have the "Bo Ying Pills" because it was sold out (they are currently having the 4+1 promotion)
Items bought are like: Red Dates, "Pak Kei", "Dung Sam", "So Hup" Pills and "Bak Fung" Pills

Next on the problem list is baby's cheek having some rashes (according to my mother & MIL it is the "milk rashes") so will have to make sure that Elaine and my mum would be cleaning up his face more frequently. It is also suggested that we can use the nappy rashes on it too (This would be a little ridiculous to some of you, one even suggested applying of his urine then clean up with a wet towel/cotton) But if you really open up your mind, it does make some sense if you see the urine as a mild sterilizer instead. I think Dettol or Savlon, even diluted, is too strong for newborn babies anyway.

We're still working on his name
His English name is almost confirmed to be Kenneth but we will see how it blends with his Chinese name :P We will prefer to look for an almost "sound alike" English and Chinese name, to avoid the trouble of have a very long name.
Personally I like the name Keith too but I guess Mommy have the biggest say as she's the one whom sacrifices the most for baby (For her, Keith can easily be mispronounced as Gift)
Afterall, she had carried him in the womb for 9 months, giving birth to him, now have to be confined and breast feeding him (I think Elaine is doing a very great job on the bf, without much guidance)

Last but not least, Nicole has recovered about 90% from her swollen eye. Doctor said that probably she contracted it when she was outdoor and it is just an allergy. :)

I have included the Video Clip below this, if it is not showing please click
here for the link.
Sorry, this is the first time I am linking a video clip

My baby in his grandma's arm (Click here or the picture to be directed to the Video Clip

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Duckie said...

The rashed that you talked about, does it look like white dots with whitish color heads. Something like whiteheads that some adults have. If so, i think it is normal and not really from the milk (as what a lot of folks say). According to the paed in the ante natal class that we attended, this is nothing to be alarmed about. It is caused by traces of amyiotic(?) fluid when the baby was born. but then again better to be on the cautious side and clean after feeding. Oh yeah, i also heard about the urine thing. so probably it is not that wierd. :)