Monday, June 4, 2007

Selling off our car

The deal is almost sealed now and we are selling it off at the price of RM58K and we will still have to put in about RM6.8K to pay for the differences. Most people would be scolding me for doing such a thing for a well-functioning car but I think I have gone over that already. Elaine and I have had our heartache and we have discussed this matter thoroughly and in the end we have made this decision.

Our heartache on selling the car is because it was a rather good car and had a very low fuel consumption. As well as others that I have invested into the car like the front and rear Ultra Racing Bars and V-Kool. The only thing that I can take off will be the CD Player, others will have to stay on. The good news is I am able to save about RM300-500 a month.

We will be handing over our car on this Wednesday.

Possible candidates of our next car will be Proton Wira, Perodua Viva/Kenari or Myvi. No point having a big car when I just needed it to take me from Point A to Point B which is less than 2KM away.

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