Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A rather event-full day

Keith is trying to observe his hands and after a little while he will gobble them to his mouth :P

Yesterday was a rather event-full day. Early in the morning we have air-conditioner service people over at our apartment because the air-cond in grandma's room was leaking, the water outlet was clogged. Then after a while I heard grandma and Nicole voices outside of our apartment, I went out and saw them entering our neighbour's apartment (there is only 2 units on our floor) so Elaine and I went to join the gang la. We needed to see what measurement they have used for their additional room.

After paying them a visit, Elaine's mum came over and grandma, Nicole and I went to the unit above us to make some repair to their balcony water outlet. (It was giving us nightmare bacause there is a crack and water is seeping thru and will drip to our unit.

Later Elaine's sister, May came over to our place with her husband and her son, Yong Jin. Of course Nicole was very happy because she have someone to play with.

Both of them playing with Blocks
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Now they are taking their turns for Elaine to give them some "LinYong" 蓮蓉 (from the "LinYong Pau" 蓮蓉包 May(Elaine's sis) brought for us
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While snapping their pictures I saw Keith playing with his own hands. So I recorded it as well

We did go out for our dinner and then for some shopping. Keith was already wanting to be carried all the time and didn't want to be direct fed. At about8plus We decided to return home. Halfway thru the journey back Keith started crying non-stop. Then I tried to stop at a petrol station to let Elaine see what is wrong, as soon as she is out of the car, Keith stopped crying. As soon as Elaine wanted to re-enter the car, he started crying non-stop again.

I guess yesterday we have too many things happened altogether and Keith was being curious and could not sleep too well, with so many things happening around him so he slept rather well last night and also that he is teething too. He got us all really worried because he cried until he choked himself with his own saliva.

Luckily this morning he was still the same playful him. :D In fact he became much more talkative (with his baby babble talk) Later this evening grandma told me he became temperate again. Got advise from Jazzmint to get a teething toy to ease his pain by chewing a cool toy. I got Dentinox Teething Gel to see if it helps in calming him

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