Friday, June 8, 2007

Clipping Keith's Nails

Keith have wore mitten all these time and he likes to put them in his mouth, greedily too :P

What happened was that day most of his mitten was on the drying rack so grandma have to use some oversized ones and they just won't stay on. When the mitten fall off I was rather shock to find how long his nails have grown.

Immediately I got the nail clipper and started clipping his nails while grandma was distracting his attention. Initially it was rather hard to clip it while he was active but after a while he got sleepy and starting to fall asleep. It might sound like good news but the problem is he moves while sleeping too :( When I was on the first hand I clipped on his finger, he wailed for a while but after a while he calmed down. Luckily there was no damage as I guess I just pinched his finger. Sadly it wasn't so as I was on the last one, his thumb....... He wailed again and this time he cried much longer. When he calmed down I put him down and I saw blood spots on our clothing..... I think I clipped on his thumb because he pushed the nail clipper as I was applying pressure on it :( I am so sorry. my boy

I have felt sorry for a few days over that incident, I just fail to understand how some parents, like those reported in the newspaper, hurt their own flesh and blood!!

I have felt guilty for hurting him. Although his wound is now dried up, I still feel uneasy looking at it...... sadly his nails have grown longer now, just after a few days :( I really dunno if I can do it again

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jazzmint said...

it's always not easy to cut nails for kids