Monday, June 11, 2007

Keith's First Tooth is sprouting

This morning after playing with Keith for a while, I went into my room to take a short nap as Elaine was taking her shower. My mum knocked on our door and told us excitedly that she have got something to show us. As we went into the room she tried to make Keith smile and laugh by talking to him. When he laughed, she pointed to his lower gum where there is a small white line. It was indeed his first tooth stub and for the record Keith is 3months 2weeks 4days old today :D

Now we all know why he cry out whenever he feels uneasy. If you ask if it's too early, grandma said that I got mine about the same age as Keith and Nicole have hers when she was 4 months. When Elaine told her mum of the news, she also thought that it was not possible, she thought perhaps we looked wrongly :P

I tried to snap a picture of it but it was too blur because Keith was twisting and turning around during the close-up shot.
As usual, Nicole is sure to be there imitating whatever we did, perhaps to gain our attention :)
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I felt really sorry for Nicole but I am including her picture in this post to show you all. Grandma just gave her a haircut and it was crooked and it really made her look so ......... (sigh! kesian her la) Grandma some more told me that she did that intentionally :shakehead: If I can make the time, maybe I'll take her to the hair saloon this Tuesday.
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Vien said...

He is teething very early! And, kesian Nicole..aiyoyo...

jazzmint said...

wahh so early teething??

aiyo, nicole don't look very happy :P