Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keith's Second Tooth

According to Grandma, Keith's second tooth can be felt and the first tooth have already gained millimeters in height.

Keith is still as playful as usual but what makes grandma and Elaine jealous is Keith seems to be more talkative and happier too when I am carrying him :)

The bad news is Nicole and the maid would be going back to BM very soon. Yes, her parents are arranging their divorce and probably Nicole would be going to her father, unless my sister wanted custody. We know that my sis would have to go thru a lot if she is to gain custody of Nicole. The main headache is what if her father doesn't bank in his money for Nicole? Sigh! My sis, Elaine and I are still trying to work out something which we can afford with our limited time and money. But it is Grandma that we are more concerned about because she is really attached to Nicole, in fact I think grandma have put in all her care and love. We will hope that everything will work out fine


jazzmint said...

wah so fast 2nd tooth!!!

well, i guess it's a tough decision for the family. lets hope for the best.

Vien said...

Gosh, I hope all things work out well for Nicole's sake. Now I understand the post you've written earlier.