Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Just wanna leave a very short post

Although I am in the restaurant business but I got so busy recently that I totally forgotten that it was Father's Day today!!!! Well, this is also my first father's day, being a first time father :P

It was so nice that I received a SMS from Chanel very early this morning at 9.45am. (As a matter of fact that this SMS of hers is my first father's day greeting) I would have totally forgotten of this special day because to me it is just any other day as Sunday is a working day for me anyway.

I'd like to wish all fathers

"Happy Father's Day"

And I wish that we fathers would continue on supporting our family, especially our beloved wives. Let us all fight less la...... They used to say that "Men is from Mars, Women is from Venus" but to me we are all on Earth and we humans are very adaptable :P

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