Monday, June 4, 2007

My headache and heartache

Well, lately there is two things that is bugging my life. I have touched on my first on my earlier post. I will be staying back in the restaurant and in return Elaine have allowed me to sell off our Honda City so that we can accumulate a much more bigger savings.

Next one would be a sad thing tht have happened to one of my close one. Someone is getting a divorce/separation. And what hurts me most is that it involves a child. I really take pity to the child having to go thru this and I really understand what the child will be going thru in life later on because I was brought up the same way as my parents got separated when I was also at the same age too.

Getting a divorce is really ok nowadays but I really wonder why they started their relationship in the first place, worse is their decision in getting married and having a child, eventhough their problem persisted!

Upon further prompting the lawyer on the divorce matter made me feel even less secure...... for example,

if the judge gave the mother custody of the child

  • and told the father to pay compensation/maintenance of the child, by depositing it into the child's saving account. The father can actually skip paying for the child!!!!! And there is nothing much the mother can do!!!!!
  • if the judge rule that the father can visit/take the child out once a week, the mother can actually just bring the child to him and take the child back after an hour or two. The mum can totally ignore the visit ruling by moving to another state, thus making it hard for the father to make time/money to meet the child!!!!
  • During the visit the mother can also make sure that the child sees the father with dirty/soiled clothings or in a very depressing state
This would not be a matter if the parent loved the child but would bound to happen if they get remarried later on and have more kids. I truly felt so bad that children have to be in such a situation, all because of a decision by the adults. In a marriage it is all about tolerating and loving each other. Honestly every once in a while the word DIVORCE would spring into our minds but how many of us would really make such a drastic decision upon thinking all the goods our spouse have done for us. Let us all cherish what we have and not what we have not. I hope that fairy tales do happen in our lives with the "happily ever after" included


Vien said...

Divorce can scarred a child's life but think of it this way, if 2 ppl who thinks staying together just for the sake of the child yet constanting hurting each other (esp in front of the child) isn't any better off.

But it is sad that the judicial system doesn't keep track of custodial cases. If there is only a way to penalize each parent if they don't do their part after a divorce case.

jazzmint said...

ayioo..why got such rules one!!!

i hope that's the best decision thought after by ur sis

Sasha said...

u're right. Divorce is something that not only affect 2 souls. More than that. The children and the ret of the family members.

And what kind of a ruling is that!

Tutiger said...

Sad but that is the real picture guys. It really depend how much the parents care for the child.... normally the law abiding one would suffer :(

Peridot&Sapphire said...

that's a real sad incident in life and really pity the child. The adults should always put the child as their priority, I mean whatever decision they have they should always think for the child since parents are adults who can think logically and be rational.
Sad to know there are such rules happend.