Thursday, June 7, 2007

Car shopping

Well of late we were being very busy. So busy that 24 hours a day is really not enough!!! (Hahahaha..... who would say that time is on their side and 24 hours is enough for them?)
We went car-shopping on Tuesday and found many secondhand cars in very depressing state other than those in bigger/well-known ones, like TopMark and Peringgit. In those smaller used car dealers, I got the feeling that those cars are from bank lelongs

Test-drove the new Perodua Viva and was rather disappointed. The salesman, Elaine and I boarded the car, which is the EZi 1.0(A) Premium version. We were in Puchong and we went up a slope and I had to floor the pedal to get it moving. I was a bit shock to see a Kancil breezing past us, overtaking us easily leh...... (Maybe I am really overweigh la, so the car cannot go too fast lo)
Personally I didn't quite like the feel that I get while driving it, unlike the feel I get in Kelisa. Honestly in the showroom Viva is indeed attractive but on the road it is totally another story :(

In the end we have decided to cancel the plan to sell our car. To our surprise we were told that someone already booked the car and have already paid RM3K for deposit. Therefore we will have to accept the fact that we will move in the same direction as before, that is to look for another car.

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