Saturday, June 2, 2007

Keith is learning to sit

Every mornings, Elaine and I got up a little earlier than I am supposed to so that I can spare some time with Nicole and Keith. They are both much more active during the day. Although every night Elaine and I will feed him his late night bottle and he would want to play after that but we try not to so that we would not be interrupting his sleeping pattern.
Today Keith did gave me a little surprise when I carried him. He seems to have a better control of himself and was swaying less and also much less wobbly too. He is able to put his legs straight when I put him to stand (assisted) and he is swaying his head lesser too. All this difference in only one day!!!!! I tried to put him to sit and he was able to hold himself quite good. Of course I didn't put him to sit perfectly straight..... I put a pillow behind him to support him like this:
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And after reading thru Vivian's recent post on Naomi's 6th months development I think I might also want to skip buying those baby seats that helps babies to sit too.

And his hair is starting to sprout too....... Nothing to complain about since I am sure to get my haircut monthly.
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Currently we are busy looking for another car to replace our current "for sale" Honda City. And you all know how headache it is gonna be, right? We need to find the right price for the selling car as well as to decide what car we needed to get.
We are still pondering whether to go for a small cheap car or to get a second-hand car. The main reason is it really breaks our heart selling the car at a loss but parking it behind our restaurant at the open parking hurts us even more. Imagine this: You are paying RM10K per year and hardly use the car other getting from point A (home) to point B (restaurant/work) and parking it 12 hours+ in the sun. Sometimes your car will get scratched when a lorry pass by or someone with an itchy hand. The left side of the car front got banged up because someone who got "kopi lesen" tried to park his/her car in front of ours. And we didn't realise until we were boarded the car after work. At least if it is a cheaper car then not so sakit hati ma


jazzmint said...

hey, make sure next round u cut his hair, rub some brandy ;)....

Tutiger said...

jazzmint: brandy already used, the last time u told me ma, remember? :D

Duckie said...

someone told me that used car dealers value the car using this formula.
15% deduction for the first year and 10% for every year after that.

Tutiger said...

duckie: Thanks for the info :)