Thursday, April 12, 2007

Been busy with plumbing works

I've been rather busy the past few days, replacing the bursted pipes at my restaurant. There were two places that needed my attention.
First is the water tank, the water pressure have broke thru the sides of the joining PVC parts between the pipe and the elbow. I think the contractor have not used enough PVC Cement on it earlier. So I have to saw off that part and apply new ones.
Second is the stove place (this one is tough work), where I have to replace all the PVC pipes to steel/stainless steel parts (I wonder why the contractor have used PVC in the first place) I think the heat from the cooking stove (which is using high pressured LPG) have got to the water valve and made it stuck. I decided to go for the steel for replacement because water have bursted here before, might as well do it once and make sure that it will last.

I know most of you would ask me why I didn't let a plumber do the work, right?
Well I have let those "so-called" professional plumbers do the work for me and I am now cleaning up their mess :P Yes, this is very true. I am just clearing up the problem from the fix of 2 plumbers whom have claimed to have cleaned up the mess my contractor left me with. If they are that dependable or more responsible then I wouldn't have done it by myself. In fact I think I did a better work than them :P Also those plumbers charges a bomb on their fees too

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