Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet Deli Station 想食啲 (part II)

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the compliments :)

I will start off by refering to one of the comments on the earlier post

Thanks to the comment by vien regarding parking problem here. I will share with you all on where to park your cars if you could not find a spot :)
The first option would be parking into the Central Hypermarket basement and they charge RM0.50/hour (the same rate as parking on the roadside and they close at 10pm) and you are entitle for a 2 hour free parking if you purchase anything above RM20 from Central Hypermarket (sometimes they offer stuffs cheaper than others) But for this option you might have to walk a bit and also smelly too (for some) because of the concept of the building....... They have stalls selling vegetables, fruits, meat and even fish! To some it might look a bit rundown too :(
Second option is parking a flat fee of RM2 open parking also owned by Lucky Plaza (Central) to enter this parking will be the one just before the building itself (But be sure to check the trees for birds, if you are directed to park under one - I don't think you wanna go back to a car full of bird poo)
Other than that it will be the Parkson (Giant and Citrus Park is also located there)
Parking here is definitely a big problem, if you are able to get one then you are very lucky. Normally the road got jammed up because of double parking and cars slowing down to look for a parking space. Even if you did manage to find a place, sometimes you get cars double parking next to you and will have you honking your horn for an hour when you wanna leave :P

Now back to the next introduction of the rice, noodle and drinks variety.
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Rice Choices:
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Please don't hesitate to contact me for further details.....

So sorry duckie my Penang relatives also asked me of the same thing :( As for opening a branch, it is not an easy task. Furthermore, we are short-staffed because all the food and beverages are prepared by the sifus themselves.


Anonymous said...

Aiyo! *drooling* I'm sure my hubby will wanna eat in your restaurant on our next trip home. We live very close by and always go to OUG.

jazzmint said...

wah liao eh..must u tempt me!! ok, i'm gonna come one day.....

Health Freak Mommy said...

Is this your restaurant? I live at Old Klang Rd too. Where exactly is your restaurant? Would love to try out your restaurant.
BTW, I've got a little gift for you at my blog. Do check it out here :

Tutiger said...

The map is in my earlier post
Located opposite of EON Bank

Anonymous said...

already drooling since jazz's post. am waiting for hubby to go there, in fact have been asking hubby to go more than twice edi, but he lazy coz far from PJ wor. prob wait till my kids get well first, then i go and gasak ur mango fettuchini

Vivianz said...

Eh! didn't know your restaurant is in OUG there...

One day, I go pay you a visit. Those food looks reeeeeaaaally good!