Friday, April 13, 2007

Outing on my day off

Elaine went for her last check-up with the O&G this Tuesday. *And was advised to only think of getting preggy again in about 2 years time*
Grandma was feeling nausea so she stayed back at home with Nicole and the maid (but she took Nicole for a swim instead), while
Elaine, Keith and I went out to do some shopping. Keith behaved exceptionally quite good, other than his whining for his milk and diaper change **I guessed he inherited my genes here :P bcoz according to my MIL Elaine was rather a handful then while grandma told me I was even a much more easier to handle than Keith coz I was even less fussy. That makes Keith, the breakeven between Elaine and I :) **
We ended up buying a carry-cradle for Keith (good until 9 months/10kg), which will fit into the current stroller (and at least can also double as a car seat too) and a TollyJoy Milk warmer. Next week we will try to snap the cradle to show you all!

Upon returning home...... Nicole was rather curious of the cradle and as soon as Keith is out of it, she was playing with it..... Initially she wanted to sit on the cradle but grandma told her that she is too big for it and she will break it. Then she got busy trying to put her teddybear on the cradle, while I was trying to adjust the strap-on **shakehead**

I am still working on the "Sit" command with Nicole. She would start running around as soon as I am out of her sight. When someone mention to her, "Kiu kiu coming" she would run back to the chair and put her index finger to her mouth and "Shhh....!" -
the universal keep quiet sign, telling grandma, Elaine and the maid not to utter a word of her misbehaving **shakehead**

The picture of him in the stroller while we were leaving home
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This is the picture of Keith in the new cradle I know we should have taken the picture of the whole thing..... but it was raning rather heavy that day and this picture was taken by Elaine at the back of the car, while I ran to Babyland to get the Milk warmer
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

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hehe.. i have the same fan as ur stroller one